Fraternity Supply List for Guys

College Fraternity Supply List

Below provides an extensive supply list for fraternities. We have provided categories based upon each item. You may specifically jump to a category closely by navigating on the right side, or you may view the whole list below.

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College Supply List

Closet Organizers   Storage Trunk
Underbed Storage   Shoe Shortage
Drawer Organizer   Hangers/Hooks
Storage Chest/Cart   Bedside Table w/ Storage
Shelf and Drawer Liner   Over the Door Organizer

Pillows   Blow Up Bed (For Guests)
Pillow Protectors   Linens for Blow Up Bed
Pillow Cases   2 Sets Sheets (Usually XL Twin)
Comforter   Mattress Protector/Zip on
Duvet Cover (Washable)   Mattress Pad
Bedspread (Washable)   Mattress Enhancer/Egg Crate
Blankets   Feather Bed
Bed Rest      

Towels   Shower Tote/Caddy
Washcloths   Shower Radio
Shower Flip Flops   Toothbrush Holder

Laptop   Pencil Lead
Laptop Sleeve   Pencil Sharpener
Computer Mouse   Erasers
Mousepad   Stapler
Computer Lock   Staples
Long Ethernet Cord   Staple Remover
Microsoft Office Suite   Paper Clips
Earphones   Binder Clips
Printer/Scanner   Glue
Printer Paper   Scissors
Printer Ink   Scotch Tape
Flash Drive   Rubber Bands
Blank CD's   Ruler
Backpack   3-hole Punch
Student Planner/Calendar   Whiteout
Notebooks/Folders   Envelopes
Notepaper   Stamps
Textbooks   Desktop Storage/Caddy
Graphing Calculator   Desk
Index Cards   Desk Chair
Highlighters   Desk Lamp
Post-it Notes   Bulletin Board
Post-it Flags   Push Pins/Thumbtacks

Mini Fridge   Chip Clips
Microwave   Coffee Maker
Microwave Safe Container   Coffee Mug
Toaster/Toaster Oven   Travel Mug
Oven Mitt   Zip-lock Bags
Blender   Salt and Pepper
Food Storage Containers   Water Pitcher and Filter
Can/Bottle Opener   Popcorn Bowl
Dinnerware   Snack Foods
Plastic Drinking Cups   Beverages

Laundry Basket/Hamper   Ironing Board
Laundry Detergent   Drying Rack
Fabric Softner Sheets   Lint Brush
Stain Remover   Quarters

Sofa/Futon   Floor Lamp
Lounge Chair   Bedside Lamp
Futon Cover   Bookcase/Shelving
Ottoman/Coffee Table   Wall Art/Hanging Supplies
Entertainment Console   Frames w/ Photos
Bedside Table   Throw
Desk   Area Rug
Desk Chair   Room Fragrance
Desk Lamp   Mirror

TV & Remote   Movies  
TV Wall Mount   Surge Protector  
Gaming Console   Extension Cord  
Video Games   Cable Box  
Gaming Controllers   Stereo/Speakers  
HDMI Cords   Camera  
TV Cables   Cell Phone  
DVD/Blu-Ray Player   Cell Phone Charger  

Glass Cleaner   Disinfecting Wipes
All Surface Cleaner   Trash Can
Paper Towels   Trash Bags
Swiffer Duster      

Jeans   Swimsuit  
Shorts   One Set of Business Attire  
Pants   Semi-formal Attire  
T-shirts   Winter Boots  
Polos   Flip Flops  
Button Down Shirts   Slippers  
Sweaters   Running Shoes  
Sweatshirts   Boat Shoes  
Sweatpants   Dress Shoes  
Workout Clothes   Belts  
Winter Jacket   Hats  
Rain Jacket/Light Jacket   Gloves  
Socks   Ties  
Underwear   Sunglasses  
Undershirts   Watch  
Tank Tops   Umbrella  

Toothbrush   Contact Lenses & Supplies  
Toothpaste   Q-Tips  
Dental Floss   Tweezers  
Mouth Wash   Chapstick  
Face Soap   Sunscreen  
Soap/Body Wash   Cotton Squares  
Shampoo   First Aid Kit  
Condtioner   Hydrogen Peroxide  
Hair Spray/Gel/Mousse   Bandaids  
Hair Brush/Comb   Thermometer  
Hair Dryer   Cough Medicine  
Razor   Throat Lozenges  
Electric Razor   Cold Medicine  
Shaving Cream/Gel   Allergy Medicine  
Clearasil   Pain Relievers  
Face Lotion   Antacids  
Body Lotion   Pepto Bismol  
Deodorant   Freezer Ice Pack  
Cologne   Antibiotic Ointment  
Nail Clippers   Vitamins  
Eye Drops   Hand Sanitizer  
Eye Glasses   Antibacterial Wipes  

Fan   Lock for Lockers/Armoires  
Toolkit   Playing Cards  
Batteries   Safety Pins  
Lightbulbs   Sewing Kit  
Flashlight   Measuring Tape  
Safe   Scale  
Water Bottle   Alarm Clock  
Board Games   Tissues  
Bike/Helmet/Lock   Duffel Bag  
Sports Equipment   Suitcase for Travel  

Drivers License   Debit Card
Car Registration   Credit Card
Car Insurance   Student ID
Social Security Card   Renters Insurance
Medical Insurance Card   Financial Aid Forms
Bank Info   List of Emergency Contacts

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