The 5 Most Important Tips on Moving into a Dorm Out of State

Moving to a college within driving distance can be hard, but moving into a dorm out of state can be extremely challenging. We’ve compiled some of the best ways on how to move into college far away, and here are our results.

1. Determine what you Need to Buy and Ship them to the Dorm

After going through a packing list, and determining what you have and what you need to purchase, be smart with your purchasing decisions. When leveraging something such as Amazon Student Prime, and taking advantage of free two day shipping, you can have all your necessities sent right to your dorm door. This will allow for you to focus on what you need to bring with you to college, and not everything you need to buy before and after moving.

Can I Ship Stuff to my Dorm?

Nearly all dorms will allow for you to ship items upon move-in, but be careful on how soon you ship them. You should purchase items so they’re expected to arrive the day of, or day before check-in. Be sure to read your move-in literature to see if items should be shipped to your dorm address, or a mailing center.

Also, be sure to check out our article on how to write a college dorm address, if you are uncertain.

2. For Items you Own, Determine How to Get them to the Dorm

Option #1: Drive Them / Hire Movers / Rent a Moving Truck

The easiest way to get items to your dorm will be for you to either drive them yourself, if you’re bringing your car or moving truck, or hire movers to bring them. Chances are, if you’re moving into a dorm, you won’t have enough belongings that would requires movers. If you are bringing a car or a family member will be driving you, pack optimally and shove as much in the car as possible. Every item packed in the car is a dollar saved on not having to ship something.

Option #2: Ship your Items to your Dorm

Shipping items that you already own will save a lot of money on not having to purchase a duplicate item. Remember, the cost of shipping items back and forth can often be avoided. It’s likely that after freshman year, a student will be living in an apartment, house, or greek organization. Items can then be stored at a negotiated rate in a storage locker over the summer, or moved in right away to the next residence of choice. If you choose to ship items back and forth every year, save some money and click here to see our best recommendation.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship College Stuff?

For items you need to purchase, Amazon Student Prime takes the prize. For items that you own, we recommend Dorm Room Movers. They’re a company that focuses on moving items from home to college dorms, storing them over the summer, and then moving them back home after college. You can use them for all four (or five) years of college! After watching the video below, click here to check them out.

3. Pack for the climate and seasons at your University

This one is often forgotten by many students. If you’re moving to Tuscon, Arizona, chances are that you’ll likely not need a bundle of sweatshirts and a winter jacket. However, if you’re going to Anchorage, Alaska, you better get all of your warm clothes ready for the late fall! Also, take advantage of times such as family or parents’ weekend to have your family bring you a change of clothes in a suitcase. Dorm closets are small, so it’s often difficult fitting a multi-seasonal wardrobe.

4. Virtually Meet your Roommate, If Possible

Having a connection or initial conversation with your new roommate will help ease the awkwardness or anxiety of living with someone new. In addition, it’s important to establish who will be bringing large “shared” items, such as a television, microwave, mini fridge, etc. Don’t forget to also have an open conversation about who will take which bed, or the preferred layout of your room. It is cool to meet your roommate, but it is not cool to start off meeting your roommate by playing the “first person to check-in to the dorm gets to choose their bed” game.

5. Move in as early as Possible

If you’re moving in from out of state, it’s likely that you probably haven’t spent much time on campus. Ensuring that you lock down a move-in time that is several days before classes begin will help with becoming familiar with the campus, where your classes are, and how to get to them. It will also alleviate the stress of meeting new people, becoming familiar with your roommate, and taking classes all at the same time. Don’t forget to also explore your new town that you live in!

We hope you like our top recommendations on the best ways to move a college student out of state. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our post on how to prepare for college dorm move-in day.

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