The Best College Dorm Neon Signs | Are they Allowed and How to Hang

Decorating a dorm is one of the most important things to do after moving in; after all, a new dorm is like a blank canvas. Expressing your personality is the best way to ensure that you’re comfortable when moving in to a new dorm. I’m going to cover below whether they’re allowed, how to hang them, and our favorite ones for both guys and girls.

Are Neon Signs Allowed in A Dorm

Generally, yes. Neon signs are not any more unsafe than a standard light in a home. Typically, the exterior runs cooler than a standard light, ensuring that it won’t burn you. Bringing a neon sign isn’t any different than bringing a lamp. If in doubt, consult with your University housing department first.

How to Hang a Neon Sign in a Dorm

The majority of dorms will not allow for holes to be drilled in walls, therefore you will need to use adhesive hooks. Ensure that your neon sign comes with a chain that allows for you to hang it on a hook. Before hanging, be sure the weight of the sign is less than the max capacity on the adhesive hook. If your neon sign is heavy, DO NOT attempt to hang it from an adhesive hook; you will need to purchase wall anchors which do require holes to be drilled. Before drilling holes, ensure that you check with your University housing on the rules with drilling holes.

We recommend purchasing these Adhesive hooks from Amazon. They’re inexpensive and hold up to 13.2 lbs per hook! However, I wouldn’t recommend pushing the upper limit of that. Simply stick it to the wall and hang the neon sign like a picture!

The Best Neon Signs in a Dorm for a Girl

1. Good Vibes Only

Everyone in college need good vibes in order to get through the tough times. This will help bring some good energy to your dorm room, and impress your neighbors. This one only weighs one pound, so it should be good to hang from a hook. It measures roughly 4″ x 13″. You can click here to check the price on Amazon.

2. Girls Girls Girls

This is a great sign to add some style to your new dorm room. This is also one pound, so simple hang from the adhesive hooks we recommended. It measures roughly 10″ x 10″. You can click here to check the price on Amazon.

3. Do What You Love

Everyone should always do what they love! Bring inspiration to your studying with this awesome sign. This is a little heavier at 2.6 pounds, but should still work fine on our recommended adhesive strips. It measures roughly 14″ x 9″. You can click here to check the price on Amazon.

4. Let’s Party

Let everyone know that your place is the party place with this fun “Let’s Party” sign. This is the heaviest at 3.0 pounds, but also the biggest at 24″ x 12″. At this size, you should still be good to use the adhesive hooks mentioned above. You can click here to check the price on Amazon.

The Best Neon Signs in a Dorm for a Guy

1. Custom Home Bar Beer

Put your name, your roommates name, or both of your names on this awesome, custom, bar sign. The best part is that it comes in 13 colors! In addition, you can also purchase in either 12″ x 8.5″, 16″ x 12″, or 24″ x 16″. It also starts at 1.3 pounds, so good with the hooks. You can click here to check the price on Amazon.

2. Custom Man Cave

From the awesome makers of the last home bar beer sign, this one features your name, too. Make your mark and be the coolest guy on your floor. Similar to the last, it comes in 13 colors and the same sizes and weights. You can click here to check the price on Amazon.

3. Don’t Quit your Daydream

Stay inspired and remember to always work towards your dream (or daydream). This sign comes in both red and blue, and measures 15″ x 9″. This weighs a little over 3 pounds, but will still be good for using hooks. You may need to purchase some fishing hook wire if you can’t get it to hang on the hook. You can click here to check the price on Amazon.

4. Sports

Likely to be the most popular, there’s unlimited choices here. Go ahead and head over to Amazon or Etsy and check out the best.

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